a WeOwnTV Collaboration

by a WeOwnTV Collaboration

Waytin ar For No But EBOLA (WHAT I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EBOLA)We launched a campaign called “Spread Knowledge to Stop Ebola” together with young filmmakers in Sierra Leone. The campaign is combatting misinformation with educational dramas and public service announcements. We are currently translating into eight local languages, buying add spac more »

‘Ebola Does not Discriminate’ is a song that was written to educate Sierra Leone’s about safe practices and encourages listening to necessary precautions from the Health Authorities. The song was written and performed by Mohamed S Tyson Conteh. It features a rap by AOK. The video features young actors and filmmakers from their group, The Futu more »

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Christopher Caulker

May God bless WE OWN TV, they make me to know how to use video camera, & how to write a script. They also touch me more about film making, & i am very greatful for that. Thanks to YDCSL for t

a WeOwnTV Collaboration
To Create Our Own Space

by a WeOwnTV Collaboration

Quoting Arthur Pratt, WeOwnTV: Sierra Leone manager, "We the loose ends, the have nots, the people living in the gutters, the people who will never make it in life, we have come together to create our own family, to have own identity—to create our own space." Serving as inspiration, the footage represents a collection of standout quotes, inter more »

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Youth is the first of three short films created via a collaborative group writing process. WeOwnTV youth filmmakers led the writing, pre-production, location scouting, costumes and production for each of the films. Research focused on shared video diary entries highlighting memories from different time periods: before the war, during th more »

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Meet WeOwnTV youth filmmaker, Alluspa. Suddenly crippled as a child without the use of his legs, Alluspa describes the happiest day of his life—“the time when I found myself on crutches.” Determined to not let his disability define him, Alluspa is a passionate advocate of community theater and storytelling. He believes through stories people more »

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Lansana Mansaray
Season Greetings from Freetown

by Lansana Mansaray

Freestyle music-video created by WeOwnTV's own Barmmy Boy to wish the world a happy and peaceful New Year. (Reposted for your musical enjoyment). Featuring Lenny Nye, Morgan, Big C and of course Barmmy Boy!!! Merry Christmas - Happy New Year!!! more »

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WeOwnTV’s mission is to manifest film and media projects that explore our shared humanity and foster an appreciation of the natural world.

Our media education program works with filmmakers from underserved communities and balances intensive film production with important skills training while enabling young filmmakers to share their stories and ideas with the world. more »

WeOwnStory: The Journey & Inspirations

Check out “Our Story” as it is written.

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