Advisors & Board of Directors

  Jon Halperin 01
Advisor / Board of Directors

Bio Jon is an Emmy-award winning documentary producer, writer and (former) television executive. Jon has produced, directed and written films…

  Kathleen Tyner 02
Advisor / Board of Directors

Bio Kathleen Tyner is Associate Professor in the Department of Radio-Television-Film at The University of Texas at Austin (USA). She…

  David Sengeh 03
Advisor / WeOwnTV Advisor

Bio David was born and raised in Sierra Leone. He attended the UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway before earning…

  Wendy Levy 04
Advisor / WeOwnTV Advisor

Bio Wendy is the Executive Director of the National Alliance for Media Arts And Culture. She is also the founder…

  Shelley Lazar 05
Advisor / WeOwnTV Advisor

Bio Shelley Lazar is a music industry veteran whose company, SLO (a division of Live Nation Entertainment) provides ticket management…

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